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Micheal's Story

Micheal’s Story:


Micheal was beaten by his “gang family.”

With the promise of a better life, Micheal was only eight years old when he was recruited into a gang. At an age when most kids are learning how to add and subtract, his "better life" meant learning how much a bag of dope costs and the best way to duck the cops.


For just a minute, try putting yourself in the shoes of a gang member with no escape Your family has abandoned you because of your passed run-ins with the law and jeopardizing others in the home with gang life-style. You  feel yourself sliding downward, and you want to climb out. Street gangs prey upon the young victims of circumstances like these... victims like Micheal.


The Community Resource Center can help youth like Micheal complete his education and receive life-skills training. Once Micheal has completed life-skills training he will be eligible for work study program and on his way to becoming a productive member of the